VW Transporter T6! Light Upgrade Pack. Headlight and Rear T6.1 Style Installed for £995 inc Vat


Upgrade your Volkswagen Transporter T6 (2016-2019) with our premium LED front and rear lights package designed exclusively for your T6 Transporters. Barn door and Tailgate models available.

Price and Features

Our competitive price is for a pair of high-quality VW T6 LED front lights and rear lights, complete with eye-catching sequential indicators inspired by Audi-style designs. These lights are also available in a chrome, black, smoked or clear to match your style.

Synchronize Your Lighting

Achieve a synchronized and modern look for your Volkswagen Transporter T6 by pairing our LED front and rear lights, now also available with sequential indicators. Enhance your vehicle’s aesthetics and visibility with this stylish combination.

Image Gallery

Explore our image gallery for more detailed photos of these stunning LED lights and envision how they will elevate your vehicle’s appearance.

**For Factory Halogen Vans**:

Our LED lights are tailored for FACTORY HALOGEN vans, making them a perfect fit for your specific vehicle model.

Upgrade your Volkswagen Transporter T6 with our premium LED lights today and enjoy enhanced style and visibility on the road. Choose from a range of options to match your personal taste and make your vehicle truly stand out. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your driving experience.